ECO: Drilling
ECO: Well Drilling
A system of hardware and software solutions that combines all the cycles of well construction: well planning, drilling, monitoring, control and analysis of operating modes, as well as information collection and reporting.
Speed Up Decision Making
ECO brings together all three decision centers: a drilling rig with a crew, a coordination center for a drilling contractor, and an operator. Decisions united by a single information flow are made much faster online.
Improving Safety and Creating Accident free Environment
The system works with large databases and uses machine learning methods and artificial intelligence to continuously improve the key performance indicators (KPIs) of drilling equipment and crews, as well as prevent a large number of potential hazards.
Performance Optimization
The large number of different computer systems, protocols, and standards used at rig sites during drilling operations often lead to technological and organizational confusion. ECO integrates and greatly simplifies all processes in the chain of actions: planning, daily operations, analysis of processes and results, reporting. As a result, your team acts much faster, making the most accurate decisions.
Online and Predictive Help
Based on statistics and real-time measured data, ECO creates a dynamic digital well model to develop recommendations and the most accurate decisions that increase the speed of decision-making while reducing the risk of emergency situations. In the event of unplanned and abnormal situations, ECO instantly issues recommendations for their remediation and monitors the implementation of the proposed solution.
Cost Management
Highly reliable cost planning and daily online monitoring and cost analysis with optimization options.
Focus on the Essentials
Removing all unnecessary communication chains in the form of duplicate phone calls, e-mail messages, meetings. All process participants: field personnel, contractor management and customer representatives are in a single information field and can focus on solving the most important tasks.
ECO Digital platform
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