A single end-to-end digital platform combining all
planning, drilling, and completion cycles.

The well, drilling contractor and operator are combined for the first time in a single information environment.

Now the well can truly be called smart.
Ecosystem of ECO
ECO is a fully digital platform for oil, drilling and oilfield service companies.
For the first time, ECO combines the entire chain of activities from well planning, drilling, construction and completion through a single end-to-end digitalization. It combines and processes historical data on previously drilled wells for more systematic and verified decisions, analyzes data in real time and adjusts the processes to ensure safe and efficient operations.
ECO is a single software platform for oil and gas companies, drilling contractors and oilfield service providers. It combines a variety of protocols and databases into a single system.
ECO is a self-learning system that constantly improves the well construction process. It consolidates all the data and competencies within the user organization, which reduces the risks associated with subjective factors and increases business efficiency.
ECO is a single language for field and engineering personnel of a drilling contractor and an operator. The ECO digital ecosystem allows all participants to speak a clear language and make accurate, fast and trouble-free decisions.
ECO Digital platform
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