ECO is a software platform for well construction
ECO is a software developed to cover all phases of well construction from engineering and monitoring to process automation using a common data space. ECO is designed to allow multi-functional and multi-vendor teams to seamlessly work together
The main benefits of using

Construction time
Significant reduction in well construction time

Non-Productive time and Drilling Hazards
Reduction in number of human errors. Reduction in total number of unplanned events

Reduce cost
Lowers total well construction cost

Process efficiency
Creates and optimizes workflows and eliminates inefficiencies. Enables faster and more informed decision making

5. Reporting

Automated reporting reduces subjective analysis

Does not require additional capital expenses and has low operating cost

Main functions

Data Aggregation
Integration of multiple sources of downhole and surface data. Single platform for all real time data aggregation and transmission
Provides data quality analysis and data quality control tools
Provides data quality alarms for any critical parameters to avoid erroneous decisions based on insufficient or potentially corrupted data.
Aggregates accurate statistics for further analysis and timely decision making

2. Visualization

All data is visualized as a real time stream in any web browser. Enables monitoring of well construction activities in real-time;
Allows for easy customization of dashboards, units, time zones;
Enables building of customized dashboards to visualize data analytics (gauges, logs, line charts, cross plots, pie charts), rig activities and combine well log data with directional information.
Provides time-depth conversion for any data on the fly, allows synchronization of graphs and dashboards;
Allows tracking of well depth progress vs. time and benchmarks vs. targets or plans; ability to add comments to any events or trend deviations;
Provides localization functionality, supporting different languages and different tool catalogs;

Project documentation, operational data, equipment and user management tools.

Robust two-way data transmission between rig site and remote data center or third-party applications

Cloud-based multi-rig data repository
File management tools
User management tools
Tools for multi-user collaboration

Tools for on demand and automated report generation

Automatic downhole activity detection and Key Performance Indicator analysis for drilling, tripping and connections operations.
Automates rig activity detection and classification
Uses aggregated data analytics to obtain detailed breakdown of well activities;
Performance measures: drilling and tripping KPI analysis and on-demand alerts for trend deviations
Perform rig crew assessment to improve performance and competency;
Tools for custom-build algorithms: customizable calculations, conditions, and state machines

System of smart alarms, personnel notifications, decisions and procedures execution tracking

Tools for real-time drilling performance tracking and optimization.
Identifies invisible NPTs to allow for timely mitigation;
Ensures execution of procedures and compliance with established plans
Well drilling planning functionality: (a) Drill string design, (b) Well hydraulic analysis.
Dynamic drilling plan updates based on current well state and measured data

Real-time well mechanics and hydraulics modeling
Track in real-time downhole tools performance and endurance
Monitor and efficiently manage downhole Equivalent Circulating Density in real-time.
Estimate MSEs in real-time based on surface measurements and/or "soft" downhole sensors
Define optimal drilling parameters for different formations
Dynamically establishes safe operational corridor
Provide dynamic driller's road map;
Predict ahead using real-time calibrated models
Provide warnings of deviations from optimal performance;
Provide early warning of downhole NPT, automatically classify severity levels of the unplanned events and estimate their probability
Enable real-time automated calibration of the constitutive models;
Model predicted versus actual measured data and trend analysis

Key specifications

1. The ECO interface is designed as a modern web application available for any operating environment, PC and/or mobile devices.
2. THE ECO platform can be deployed on a single physical server (drilling rig), or on multiple servers located in a remote data center or on a cloud infrastructure
3. The ECO platform is implemented using CentOS Linux operating system and a number of proven technologies: real-time streaming data processing on Kafka platform, micro services, and a combination of relational and NoSQL databases
4. ECO supports standard data exchange protocols: OAuth2.0, Modbus, WITS0, WITSML 2.0 and can be easily integrated with existing client systems.
5. ECO utilizes real-time (1 Hz update rate) mathematical models to dynamically simulate well conditions

Differences from existing systems

1. Provides high quality well planning tools and performance monitoring using a common data environment and single software platform

2. ECO targets three different groups of users: Operators, Rig Contractors and Service Providers

3. ECO is the only software that performs real-time simulation and data analysis by calibrating mathematical models using actual measured data to predict wellbore conditions.

ECO provides innovative technology to automatically detect and classify rig states and allows the creation of dynamic alarms, calculation of trends and reporting on user's defined KPIs

Virtual sensors can be used at different locations to predict the values of critical parameters where physical sensors are not available or cost prohibitive. Knowing the value of these parameters and having real-time access to historical data enables prediction of downhole conditions without the use of physical sensors. The data measured by deployed physical sensors can be easily and reliably extrapolated to other borehole locations.

Optimization of drilling parameters based on real-time drillstring mechanics and well hydraulics modeling combined with surface and downhole measured data leads to improved ROP, extended bit life and lower drilling costs
ECO Digital platform
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