ECO: Completion
ECO: Completion
A system of hardware and software solutions that combines in a single protocol the design of the well with the actual data obtained during the drilling process, as well as with the historical data of neighboring wells for more accurate solutions for completing wells, including complex completions such as those for multi-stage hydraulic fracturing. Minimizes emergency risks, increases the speed of decision-making and work. Uses machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms for the most sophisticated design decisions for greater well productivity.
Completion is easy
Three-dimensional modeling of the position of the wellbore in the reservoir,taking into account all the data available for analysis - geological, geomechanical, petrophysical, a database of previously drilled wells, a well design and actually obtained results to build the most effective design
Effective Completion
Accurate well position data, combined with the ability to process and analyze a large database, allows user to design and place perforation intervals and hydraulic fracturing elements to achieve the highest well productivity indicators. Eliminates unnecessary perforation and fracturing costs in poorly productive areas
Combining drilling and completion in a single cycle
Allows achievement the most effective results of the investment
The ability to process large volumes of geological, technical and historical data allows you to constantly increase success and failure-free performance when completing wells of any complexity
Cost control
The ability to plan, monitor and analyze costs in real time can minimize costs without losing quality and make the most accurate design and organizational decisions for balancing price and quality. Maximum return on investment
Instant interaction between the contractor and the customer to review and confirm decisions. Acceleration of processes at all stages of work. Information flow transparency for all process participants
ECO: Completion
ECO for completion consists of 3 components
What can ECO do in completion
Intelligent software for the design, maintenance and analysis of complex wells
Intuitive interface and machine recommendations to improve solution accuracy
Exact recommendations on the placement of hydraulic fracturing stages and volumes of injection into each of the stages
Real-time recommendations during hydraulic fracturing
Intellectual property, accumulated experience and acquired data remain in the company without the risk of their loss
Digital reporting at any time and at the end of project with the ability to analyze all data collected for subsequent operations
Reducing the risks of design and operational errors by minimizing the subjective factor
24/7 operational support
ECO Digital platform
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